$15 for two courses and a beverage in 45 minutes.  Get in/ Get out/ Get on with the rest of your day! Choose One Item From Each Course:


Roasted Cauliflower

pecorino, mint, red onion

Local Greens

truffle vinaigrette, parmesan

Caesar Salad

cream cheese croutons, radish, carrot

Charred Brussels

pancetta, maple, yogurt, egg


red pepper relish, walnuts, feta


Butternut Squash Casonsei

maitake mushrooms, pepita, balsamic honey

Hand Cut Spaghetti

cherry tomatoes, thai basil

Amish Chicken Thigh

pepperoni sauce, crispy polenta

American Pie Pizza

mozzarella, tomato, basil

Jersey Shore Pizza

fried calamari, provolone, tomato, cherry pepper aioli


Graffiato Market Punch

Bertani Pinot Grigio “Velante”

Donna Laura Sangiovese

Montelvini Prosseco

Hardywood “Great Return”